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This blog has been knocking around for a number of years now. I update it for a bit, and then hide it under my pillow for a year or so.

And lo! and behold! I’m dragging it out into the light of day again.

I’m seeing a pattern though. Hurrah! Psychoanalysis for free thanks to WordPress. I’m somewhere new, adrift, and missing my friends. I need a place to vent.

Anyway. I see my previous post was in February 2009, and this is now May 2010. What a truly horrifying way to mark the passage of time. I’ve just lost almost a year and a half!

I haven’t been idle though, my little chickadees. I am back in Sydney. It’s meant to be a permanent move, and after 2 months here I’m still feeling quite adrift. Common Wisdom is that both Mat and I just need some time to settle and I’m sure Common Wisdom will prove to be correct. We’re both working, we have somewhere to live – somewhere VERY nice in fact – and we have a car. We have a social life of sorts, some friends to play with, and today the autumnal temperature was 21 degrees. That’s about 10 degrees warmer than it currently is in the London spring-time.

But I miss London.

Anyway…here is our current abode.

That body of water is Sydney harbour. I am officially posh.


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