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Ah…that was nice.  A little break. It’s funny how my blog was getting a stranglehold on me. I wasn’t posting very much, was feeling VERY guilty for not posting (why, why, why?? Guilty? WHY?????) which kind of crippled the whole process.  A reaction not only very silly and very self indulgent, but unfortunately very typical. Not happy, me, unless I’ve got something to feel guilty about. Oh the woe!

But I’m back. Able to think clearly and put the whole silly thing into perspective. It’s only some ramblings is all. Innit?

The photography project is going very well. What’s actually flicked me back over here is my attempt to start up a new blog. One linked to my other website. One that will attempt to present a professional face to the world and (hopefully) potential clients. Problem is, I haven’t quite worked out what that professional face should look like. How much makeup should it wear and what’s its preferred hairstyle? Is it only allowed to talk professionally about professional-type things, or is it OK to waffle off on silly tangents? At the moment, right now, I just don’t know. What I am certain of, is that professional faces generally shouldn’t swear too much, talk about drinking binges or moan and whinge about not getting enough work.

And, really, that’s what this space is all about.

Struggling to keep up with 1 blog was proving too much for me. My genius remedy is that I’ll be much better at this if I’ve got 2 blogs to worry about. I’m just giddy with the anticipation of monster-sized bags of guilt hovering blackly around the edges of my future.

The other blog has a bit of a cheat hard-wired into its beingness, though. It’s for my photography, right? So, there’ll be lots of photos. Clever, huh?


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I’m having a break. The blistering speed of posting once a month, a fortnight, or sometimes – heartstoppingly – every week, is getting to me. It’s sapping my mojo, man.

I can’t seem to find the time, or the energy, or the requisite brainpower to keep this thing ticking over. And so, it’s going on ice. Just like Mr Disney. Cryogenic blog freezing while waiting for THE miracle cure for writer’s laziness.

In the meantime, I’m going to relax.

Oh yes.


p.s. That was a lie – I’m not really relaxing. More like shifting direction. I’ve got another website. A photo-based one that may expand with a blog of its own in the fullness of time. If you’re interested, I’ll be over here .

(Yes, that actually is my name).

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